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Is Tricia Walsh-Smith…
The New Face Divorce?

Thus woman has taken her divorce battle to the Internet; posting a video on Youtube that includes information about their sex life, Viagra, pornography and her claims of an evil daughter in-law. You gotta see this one!



What You Need To Know About The Contested Divorce What You Need To Know
About The Contested Divorce

Before you travel down the path of a Contested Divorce, there are some things you need to be aware of. Join the Divorce Court Attorneys as we walk you through the basics of understanding a contested divorce.

No legalese mumbo jumbo here, just a concise overview in layman’s terms of what to expect. Read more >>

Cheating Wife Caught in the Act 

Why The Love of Your Life
Became a Cheating Wife

Have you ever wondered why the love of your life became a cheating wife? Over the past fifteen years, numerous husbands have asked me that question and as usual, I went straight the source to get the answers.


The women have spoken, “the cheating wives that is,” and they provided the ten common reasons they say drives them to become a cheating wife. Does your wife fit any of these molds? If so, there could be danger on the horizon...  read more>>


Divorce Advice 101

» Divorce Mediation - Why Litigate When You Can Mediate?

» What You Should Know About An Uncontested Divorce

» How Much Will My Divorce Cost Me?

»  Questions To Ask A Divorce Lawyer

» How To Find a Divorce Lawyer

»  How To File You Own Divorce Papers


The Divorce Help Center

When you are faced with a divorce, oftentimes, there are underlying issues such as adultery, infidelity, paternity fraud, etc. Our Divorce Help Center is designed to help you get your life back on track! We provide vital tools such as the number one rated spousal surveillance tool for catching a cheating spouse. If you've already been heartbroken by a cheating spouse, you can break free from the affair.

If your situation qualifies, you can save thousands by filing for divorce online; this way, you can get on with your life in the shortest amount of time possible. As always, Divorce Court Attorneys is here to assist you.

Break Free From The Affair  Sniper Spy  Cheating Spouse

Online Divorce, Divorce papers, file for divorce

To receive additional help, go to our Divorce Help Center.

Filing For DivorceFiling For Divorce
The Layman's Guide

Understandably, filing for divorce is a highly emotional process for most people, but it is important to note: it is also a process governed by strict procedural requirements. Failure to follow the requirements could add more undue burden on an already taxing issue.

In this session, we’ll provide you with the basics, in layman’s terms, to help you... Read more>>

Divorce Lawyer Gets Ready For Divorce Court

How To Determine If You
Need a Divorce Lawyer

When faced with a divorce, you currently have three options to handle the necessary paperwork and court filings. In this session, we'll spell out those options and help you determine if your situation qualifies for a: "Do it Yourself Divorce." Or if you'll be best served by hiring a Divorce Lawyer.

This brief exploratory survey will provide you with an indepth divorce analysis to help determine the best path for you to take. Read more>>

When Facing a Contested Divorce
Always Seek a Qualified Divorce Attorney

Hire a Divorce LawyerMost people don't plan to enter into divorce court. Yet, it happens more often than you think. One or both spouses draws a line in the sand and comes out fighting. They essentially turn the divorce process into another war of the roses. When that happens, a divorce attorney is your best line of defense and offense. If you are headed into a divorce or in the midst of one, you'll want to use a seasoned divorce court attorney. They'll help you properly address issues such as:

» Alimony/maintenance
» Asset and property settlement
» Child custody
» Joint custody
» Paternity fraud
» DNA testing
» Court ordered visitation
» Restraining orders
» False allegations
» False abuse charges
» Frivolous motions
» Parental alienation
» Marital abandonment
» Adultery
» Abuse and domestic violence



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