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Divorce Advice – The Six Paths to Divorce

Divorce Advice – The Six Paths to Divorce

In this session of divorce advice, we focus on informing you of six paths to divorce. Your situation and the mentality of both spouses determines your path. If just one party in the divorce process wants to be contentious, a cooperative divorce won’t be an option.

Consequently, if both parties can mutually agree on their issues, the divorce process can be less painful and less costly. Our divorce advice, “When it comes to divorce, take the path of least resistance.”

Cooperative Divorce
This path is without a doubt, the best option to take. It is utilized by couples in which BOTH parties are seeking an amicable divorce. Although they may have children, property and other assets, they are able to mediate and settle issues on their own in a peaceful, non-threatening and non-combative manner.

If an agreement can't be reached on every issue, then it becomes a contested divorce. Contested divorces are usually contentious and they cost a lot more money. Our divorce advice, K.I.S.S. Keep It Sane and Simple. Parting ways is never easy; if you must divorce, strive to keep your divorce sane and simple.

Duly note; some states allow what is classified as a simplified divorce. This means that both parties agree on every detail (also referred to as a divorce by agreement). State laws differ on simplified divorce, but it is usually less stressful and a less expensive way to go. Simplified divorces are usually granted very quickly (30 days after filing is common). In fact, some states require only that you fill out forms and have a judge approve your settlement agreement. Others will only allow you to seek a simplified divorce if: (a) there are no dependent children (under 18) and, (b) no outstanding financial debts involved.

Collaborative Divorce
This path is best used by couples who may have children, property and other assets, and although they do have disputes; both parties are seeking an amicable divorce. To resolve issues, they utilize the collaborative services of professional mediators, financial specialists, mental health professionals, and divorce attorneys etc., which assist them through a mediation-style process.

Our divorce advice, if both parties can sit down at the mediation table and work out their differences, this path can be a: money, time, and sanity saver.

Divorce Court
This is path, known as a contested divorce, is taken by couples when one or both parties are being inflexible, combative, uncooperative or otherwise want to fight. Be advised; this option can be costly, emotionally draining and potentially leave some painful scars. Our divorce advice, only take this path if all of the other paths have been eliminated as an option. Once you go down this path, you could literally become one of the characters into the movie, “The War of the Roses.” If you haven’t seen it yet, our divorce advice is, go watch it.

The Divorce Court is Made For War!

Legal Separation
This path is normally traveled down by couples who for various reasons, (i.e. health insurance, religious beliefs, the children’s sake and/or financial reasons, etc.) do not want to finalize their divorce. Our divorce advice, this path is a reasonably acceptable option if both parties can agree on the issues and make a commitment to stay filing divorce papers.

Divorce Mediation 
This path is best taken by couples who have issues to settle, (i.e. custody issues, financial issues, placement issues, etc.) but no reasons to go to court. Our divorce advice; Divorce Mediation is a great path to take when both parties can effectively communicate, settle their differences and move on with their lives.

Pro-Se Divorce
A Pro se divorce means that you are represent yourself in court, rather than having a divorce attorney represent you. You follow the same procedures, but you fill out and file all the legal forms yourself. Our divorce advice, Do It Yourself Divorce is best taken by couples with few disputes, no property, few assets, and no children.

As always, we hope this session of divorce advice has helped you see things more clearly.




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