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Find a Divorce Lawyer

Find a Divorce LawyerDear Divorce Court Attorneys:


After nine years of slowly suffocating in a miserable marriage, it is clear that divorce and a divorce lawyer is my only option. Here's a brief description of what I’m dealing with; during our marriage my wife gave birth to three children, two of which I recently found out through paternity tests, that I am not the biological father of.


Once that revelation became common knowledge, my wife retaliated by drawing a line in the sand and filing a FALSELY obtained restraining order. Citing fear of me due to a “continued pattern of abuse and violence.” The sheriffs immediately responded by escorting me out of my home with just my wallet, car keys and the clothes on my back.

There was no hearing to get my side of the story. She used a legal tool called an “Ex Parte Motion” to make up some ludicrous claims and presto, I was evicted from my house, which ironically, I owned before I met her!


Mind you, we have never ever had an abuse issue in nine years of marriage and a year of dating. Prior to the startling paternity results, there has never been even a hint of abuse or domestic violence, let alone a: “pattern of abuse and violence.”

I realize that time is of the essence and I need to secure a divorce lawyer A.S.A.P.! Can you give me some insights and tips on how to find a divorce lawyer? Obviously, I’ll need someone with litigation, child custody, paternity fraud, and false abuse experience.



A Troubled Husband in need of a Good Divorce Lawyer


Dear Sir,

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