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Get The Facts About Online Divorce

Divorce doesn't have to be costly or complicated now that online divorce services offer high-tech solutions to a tedious, often long and drawn out matter.

What is an Online Divorce?

An online divorce is a form of Do It Yourself Divorce geared towards couples who have decided to divorce and can mutually agree on the all the details and terms of the divorce.


With an online divorce you or an online divorce company prepares all the required divorce documents online. Once they are prepared, one of divorcing spouses then files them at appropriate court.


Who Qualifies To File an Online Divorce?

Provided that you and your spouse can agree on how to resolve child-related issues and divide property and assets, you can file for what is classified as an uncontested divorce in most states.


Online DivorceWhat is The Advantage of Filing An Online Divorce?

You save money, time and get to keep your sanity intact. You don’t have to wait for an appointment with a divorce lawyer. You don’t have to take time off from work and most importantly, you don’t have to deal with a long and drawn out divorce proceeding.


Which States Are Online Divorces Complicated to file?

Unfortunately, while all states accept forms prepared by online divorce services, some states unwittingly make it rather complicated for the do-it-yourselfers. Those states are: Alabama, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Tennessee and Virginia. If you live in either of those states, unless you are a lawyer yourself, it is probably best to retain a divorce lawyer.


What Are the Costs Associated to filing an Online Divorce?

The price range for an Online Divorce, fluctuates between $24.99 and $299.00 and upwards. The price point depends on the state you’re in, the number of documents the company will have to prepare and if you have any special requests such as a post marital name change. Compare this price range to the cost of retaining a divorce lawyer. The average hourly rate for U.S. divorce lawyers is climbing upwards every year. Currently that figure hovers around $260.00.


What Are The Disadvantages of Filing An Online Divorce?

The obvious disadvantage is you don’t have a divorce lawyer on retainage. In the event that a critical legal issue arises, you could unwittingly give up some or all of the things you are entitled to. Every state has its own specific forms to file and they will not accept generic forms. If the online divorce company doesn’t use forms for your state; simply put don’t use their services. Most states provide information concerning filing a Pro Se, Do It Yourself Divorce. That means, if you are doing everything yourself, you’ll have to take the time to learn divorce law for your state.


Does Online Divorce Make It Easier To File Divorce?

The answer is a resounding, “NO!” When they are ready to cut ties, people are going to get a divorce, no matter how hard it is. Online divorce was designed to make an expensive decision, inexpensive, timely and painless.


Do Online Divorce Services Provide Legal Advice?

The short answer is, “NO!” Most Online divorce services provide a disclaimer notifying all parties that they DO NOT provide legal advice. If you need or are seeking legal advice consult with a qualified divorce lawyer who has a right to legally practice law in your state.


Can I Get My Divorce Finalized Online?

At this time, the answer is, “No!” We know of no state that allows divorce petitioners to finalize their divorce petition online. As technology and divorce laws progress, there is a great possibility we could see this feature in the near future.


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