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Online Divorce is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Online divorce is a relatively new concept that is becoming increasingly popular. Most people are aware that the divorce rate remains at a feverish pitch; regrettably half of marriages end up in divorce. That being said, the concept of online divorce is growing in leaps and bounds as parting couples seek the quickest, most non-intrusive and inexpensive way to legally go their separate ways.


What Is an Online Divorce?

Online divorce is a phrase used to describe the process of filling out divorce forms online through a website set up for people filing for divorce Pro Se. Once the forms are filled out, the filing party can take the completed forms to the proper court and file them. The best way to describe the process is: simple, quick and easy.


How Simple is the Online Divorce Process?

Online divorce forms can be filled out usually within thirty minutes to three hours, depending on the complexity of the divorce. After the required questions are answered, with most services, such as Complete Case, a person can instantly generate and print their documents plus receive the appropriate filing instructions.

Just think, in a matter of a few hours, all of the necessary documents are filled out and ready for filing. No appointments with divorce lawyers. No waiting and most importantly, the savings are incredible. The average lawyer bills anywhere from one hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars per hour, or more, to fill out the same forms you can download online at a fraction of the cost.


Our caveat; almost all online divorce services provide a disclaimer informing the users that they do not providing legal council and are not acting as attorneys. Take their disclaimer serious and be advised; by using an online divorce service, you are representing yourself Pro Se. This means, you are your own attorney. If you are not comfortable with this position, HIRE a bar certified family divorce lawyer!


Is Online Divorce The Right Choice For You?

Yes online divorce is clearly quicker and less expensive but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the right choice for your particular situation. If you have child custody issues to settle, property division issues, marital asset issues or other complicated situations, online divorce is not for you. Or, if one spouse has decided be combative, vindictive or ornery and turn the divorce into their own personal vendetta, online divorce is not an option.


This option is only for couples that can agree on all the issues and terms of the divorce without dispute or contest. If not, they’ll have to take the traditional divorce route; retaining a divorce lawyer and going through the process of having their attorneys assist them in hashing out their differences.


In closing, since its inception, thousands of divorcees have used online divorce services and for the most part are more than satisfied with their services. At Divorce Court Attorneys dot com, we have reviewed numerous online divorce services and the one that we can highly recommend is Complete Case. Some of the others are OK, but with such a serious issue on the line, don’t take a chance, use the best!


File Online Divorce Today and Get a Fresh Start!




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