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Cheating WifeWhy The Love of Your Life
Became a Cheating Wife

Have you ever wondered why the love of your life became a cheating wife? Over the past fifteen years, numerous husbands have asked me that question. And as usual, I went straight the source to get the answers. The women have spoken, “the cheating wives that is,” and here’s the ten common reasons they say they become a cheating wife.


Her Lover Gave Her The Attention She Believed She Needed

Generally, a woman loves attention. When she feels she’s being ignored, unfortunately, resorting to another man’s arms has become the norm. In this current moral climate, the cheating wife usually feels justified in seeking comfort from a man other than her husband.


Her Lover Gave Her The Intimacy She Longed For

The cheating wife may see her marriage as boring, lifeless and stale, amongst other negative things. She longs for affection, but with none coming from her husband, she gets it from a lover. The false belief that women are less sexual than men, is just that, FALSE! Women crave sex just as much as men do, if not more. When she is not getting it at home, the cheating wife oftentimes seeks sexual satisfaction outside the home


Her Lover Gave Her The Confidence She Dreamed of

Typically, a woman dreams of being desired and wooed, feeling sexy and being made to feel beautiful. When a husband doesn’t ignite her passions by being affectionate and romantic, a woman can quickly spiral into the “I don’t feel loved anymore,” doldrums. When she gets to that stage, she is a prime candidate for an affair. When the right man starts paying attention to her by complimenting her and making her feel beautiful, watch out; she’s subject to become a cheating wife!


Her Lover Took Her Mind Off Her Problems

In this day and age of: mortgages, credit card payments, student loans, high gas prices, lay offs and fluctuating markets, some wives are under a tremendous amount of pressure. Each time they come home, they are reminded of bills, bills and more bills. As time progresses, the pressure seems to mount and she starts to seeking a relief valve. When a man comes along and starts taking her on dates, showering her with gifts and igniting her passions, to use the colloquial expression, “He’s in like Flynn!” She adores being with him because he takes her mind off all her problems.


Her Lover Gave Her The Excitement She Craved

Certain women escalate to a cheating wife simply because they long for some excitement in their lives and they’re not getting it at home. With these women, there’s no need for a psyche evaluation, the bottom line is; they want some adventure. When Don Juan comes along and offers a midnight rendezvous, it’s too tempting to resist. His proposition is just what they are longing for and fantasizing about.


She Married For All The Wrong Reasons

Brace yourselves men, because sometimes the truth hurts. There are numerous cases in which a woman marries a man, yet she doesn’t love him and in many cases is not even attracted to him. These women marry because they are desperate to walk down the isle and any man will do. Or, they are itching to have a child, but only in wedlock, or they are seeking financial security in a man, (A.K.A., as gold diggers.) There may be other wrong reasons, but those are the primary. These women are prime candidates for becoming a cheating wife, the moment right after they say, “I do!”


She’s a Wantonly Promiscuous Woman

The only way to describe this class of women is, “unrestrained pleasure seekers.” They cast aside all the qualities of a good wife: virtue, honesty, fidelity, discipline and wholesomeness and trade them in for unbridled promiscuity. With these women, a wedding ring, husband and even a child is no incentive to become or remain monogamous. They will cheat; its what they do. Warning; marry one of them... she will become a cheating wife and break your heart, end of story.


She Switched Teams

It should go without saying that there are more and more women engaging in lesbianism. With the advent of the Internet, numerous websites are dedicated to passionately promoting this lifestyle. In addition, lesbians have become just as aggressive as men when it comes to finding and seducing new partners. In some cases, the husband helps the lesbian cause by mistreating or abusing his wife. In other cases, the cheating wife was already grappling with her sexuality or simply had a string of bad relationships with men and being with a woman presented what seemed to be a better option. Whatever her motivation, this cheating wife switching teams.


She Wants To Get Revenge
The only way to describe the cheating wife who fits into this category is, “Tit for Tat!” It boils down to this: she’s upset or angry about something and having an affair is her way of getting revenge. To a sane person, her tactics make absolutely no sense at all. But she’s obviously not thinking rationally. What sensible woman proudly engraves the tag, “Cheating wife,” on her forehead?


She Intends On Abruptly Bringing The Marriage To an End

Some women want out, but their loyal faithful husband is the hold up. He’s willing to bend over backwards to make things right. He’ll go to counseling, therapy, or church… he’ll attend marriage encounters, seminars and retreats and he’ll beg and plead with his wife until his tongue is literally numb.


But the bottom line is, HIS WIFE WANTS OUT! She doesn’t want to be married to him anymore, period! Nevertheless, he still doesn’t get her message! She’s been mean to him, indifferent, cold and disconnected. They haven’t been intimate in a year or more. Yet, he still doesn’t get the message; SHE WANTS OUT! Finally, she makes her point LOUD and CLEAR… by having an affair. Yes, this world can be cold.


Gillis Triplett is author of, “Why People Choose The Wrong Mate: Avoiding The 9 Deadly Booby Traps” and Director of The Naked Truth Seminars. He helps men and women across the country and around the world, enter into healthy and vibrant marriages.




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